SUPERPRO Control Arm Lower-Inner-FR-RR Bushes For TOYOTA 4 RUNNER GRN210/215 4x4

  • This is a brand New part
  • SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in suspension and chassis systems
  • Super Pro parts are manufactured to very strict tolerances based on a made to order system
  • It is a direct fit replacement for all the vehicles listed below
  • For your peace of mind this part comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.


Control Arm Lower-Inner Front & Rear Bush Kit

Product Specifications:

  • Components Per Product: 1

As the OEM rubber bushings deteriorate they induce undesirable characteristics into the handling of any vehicle.
Having an independent front suspension on this vehicle means the OEM bushes work very hard and durability, reliability and performance are compromised.
As the front lower control arm bushings wear they allow for the dynamic geometry of the suspension to change causing handling and tyre wear issues.
Lifting a vehicle or adding more load to a vehicle adds more load on the suspension, requiring a more resilient suspension bushing in these locations to control the attitude of the front lower control arms.

You need SuperPro Bushings if:

  • The rubber bushings start to show signs of wear
  • Bigger Wheels & Tyres are fitted
  • The vehicles ride height is changed
  • The vehicle carries more loads.

Kit contains:
  • Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Front Bush Kit
  • Front Control Arm Lower-Inner RearBush Kit
  • Axle alignment required after fitting
  • Fitment Difficulty: 3/5
  • Fitting Position: Front
  • 5.5hrs Fitment Time
Vehicle applications:

TOYOTA 4 RUNNER GRN210/215 4x4 - 2002-2009

Part Number: KIT180K

BRAND SuperPro
MODEL 4Runner
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