Boost Controllers

Take control of your car's boost level with a GFB boost controller from PEC Australia! We stock a wide range of manual and electronic boost controllers.

Electronic boost controllers add an air control solenoid to your turbocharged engine which allows you to control the level of boost pressure from an electronic control unit. Electronic boost controllers allow for adjustability at half, three-quarter and full throttle, which greatly increases driver control over the engine and vehicle.

Manual boost controllers lack the extra features of electronic boost controllers, but the 100% get the job done! Manual boost controllers are simple, reliable and you are able to set the level, forget about it and focus on driving. GFB manual boost controllers are rugged mechanical devices which will never fail, no metter how much you give it!

Short shifter kits can help to reduce the distance between throws in your manual car bu up to 70% - that's a lot! Short shifter kits help to improve performance and safety of your vehicle, and our GFB short throw shifters allow for full adjustability, with the shortest setting being 55mm in the throw from 3rd to 4th. Grab yourself a short shifter kit today and experience the difference!

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