SuperPro Control Arm Bush Kits

PEC Australia has a wide range of control arm parts available for your vehicle! Our range includes arms and bushings for front, back, lower and upper control arms - all made by Australian owned and trusted, SuperPro.

Control arms and bushings are a vital part of your vehicle's suspension system that allows your tires to smoothly go up and down in a controlled fashion. Without them your ride wouldn't be very enjoyable.

For 4x4 vehicles, with many people opting to lift their vehicle, wheel alignment and handling often becomes an issue. SuperPro control arms are designed to combat these issues and provide better handling and performance. Manufactured from high stress, cold formed and forged steel, combined with adjustable ball joints and bushings, our 4x4 control arms will help take your 4x4 performance to the next level.

Performance control arms are designed to improve handling and performance by focusing on key alignment and dynamic handling elements. This results in better tracking and more efficient power delivery, as well as more precise steering, better handling and increased grip. With new performance control arms you will see a noticable performance increase and weight reduction.

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