GFB DV+ Blow Off Valve for MINI John Cooper Works R56 John Cooper Works Hatchback FWD 2007-11-2013-11

SKU: GFB-T9352-14

Product Note: DV+ Direct fit replacement with TMS advantage diverter valve (Mini/Citroen/Peugeot Applications). Patent pending

Introducing the new DV+ for Mini, Citroën and Peugeot applications!

Gfb’s Dv+ Solution Couldn’t Be Simpler – Keep What Works And Replace What Doesn’t.

  • Uses factory solenoid coil for seamless integration
  • Replaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on chipped engines
  • Direct-fit replacement with GFB’s TMS benefits
  • Exclusive “pilot-actuated” valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost

GFB expands the DV+ range with a direct-fit solution for the weak factory diverter valve used on many European vehicles.

The solenoid coil itself from the factory-fitted valve is great- the ECU opens it faster than any pneumatic valve so why replace it? The weak point however, is the valve mechanism itself. GFB’s DV+ solves this problem by replacing the valve parts with an anodised billet aluminium housing, fitted with a brass piston machined to exacting tolerances. 

The end result is sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and it will hold as much boost as you can throw at it. Read all about the DV+ story below. Other manufacturers’ products involve replacing the entire system with a traditional pneumatic valve. This approach requires long vacuum hose runs, additional parts for tapping into the intake manifold vacuum, plus a different solenoid valve to actuate the pneumatic valve, or a ballast resistor to plug into the OE wiring loom. All these additional items result in a product that is slower, less responsive, more expensive and takes much longer to install.

GFB’s DV+ solution on the other hand is more responsive, less expensive, easier to install, and doesn’t cause compressor surge/ turbo flutter. Oh, and it doesn’t require different springs or frequent re-builds either.


Vehicle applications:

MINI MINI 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 John Cooper Works R56 John Cooper Works N18 B16 C,N14 B16 C 2007 - 2013

Part Number: T9352

MPIN GFB-T9352-14
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